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I'm always on the fence about selling it.

The car is located in Lancaster, CA. It's definitely a project car, but it has so much potential. At the very least it needs a new battery, it's possible to jump it and get it started, but it dies after falling below 2,000 RPMs.

Asking price is 500.

More info on it from the previous owner:

- Complete California Special interior - not in bad shape at all but could use a good shampoo. Only one or two penny sized tears on the doorcards.
- All original, even down to the glass - every piece is original OEM with no nicks or cracks that I can recall. I believe the wheels are aftermarket, though they are pretty cool.
- We bought it from the original owner's family.
- Such a beautiful car!
- The engine that's in it is a replacement. The original owner drove the first into the ground and then had a new motor installed with ~160K on it now I believe.
- Rust free with the exception of the trunk.
- The chrome window trim around all the glass is in beautiful like new shape.

- Car has been repainted with a cheap paint job. Looks good from 10ft but chalky in some areas. We were going to strip it down and repaint. Original color is cream white.
- Two rust spots on the trunk - getting another trunk would solve this, or you could probably fix with bondo or if you are good with a welder .
- Would need a DS door - weld broke free from the top frame to the bottom and it wiggles. Could probably be welded back.
- B21 need a wiring harness. The car will run if you keep on the gas but not really driveable - only just to move it. If you leave the key in ON you will start to smell burning wire :(
- One of the buttcheeks is mashed up. You can't really notice by looking but someone landed on it going up a driveway or something. Could probably be fixed with a BFH.
- Side trim on the DS is missing for the door and back portion of the car. I might be able to help someone get this as I go to yards that have these era 240s.
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