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[quote:c689ee30ed="axcilla"]I do agree as a manufacture, the canadian grill does look good, a great one-off, my only question is the airflow it may restrict. I will not ship the two-piece grill with the license plate cut-out for air restriction reasons.[/quote:c689ee30ed]

I don't think airflow restrictions are a real concern. If you go to the manufactures website you can see they carry grills for pretty much all trucks/SUV's on the market. If airflow was a real issue I'm sure they would have had many concerned customers contact them. They look like an established company with a quality product.

Hey lets face it, both these companies look like they make a quality product and I'm sure people will be satisfied with the product they choose. I haven't decided which way I'm going but it will be interesting to see peoples opinions after they have purchased their choice :!: :?:

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