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2003 Element key problem

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Dear Honda: I have read numerous threads on this Element Owners Club site that deal with replacing the locks on the driver's door, then the passenger door and lastly, the ignition! This is now our problem with our '03 Element. The driver's side door lock will no longer work. I called Honda one day and found there was no recall ... people have replaced locks more than once, because the dealerships just keep putting in the same type of lock. I think this IS a Honda problem as it is caused not by user error. When will you address this? I'm sick of reaching across from the passenger side to unlock my driver's side door!
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What I Did

I have an 03 as well. I first started having a key problem in 05 or so. I bought the remote entry kit with fobs from H and A for about $100. Less than 5 minutes to install, and I have never used a key in a door since. I have had no problems with the ignition. I am only trying to point out that while there may well be a problem with the locks, there is a workaround to reduce the irritation.
Here Here!!!

It isn't just the Elements either!!!
I have a 2004 Element. Yesterday the Ignition started locking up. I got it to unlock and turn 3 times over the course of the day by wobbling the wheel, jabbing the break and wobbling the gear shifter. Eventually it made a clunk and I could turn the ignition to start the car. Today it wouldn't work at all. Now its in the shop. It will be $900 to fix based on the current Quote from Honda Village! They have to dig out the lock mechanism from the column and replace it. Apparently its wear and Tear although the car is only 4.5 years old and still under warranty. I find it hard to believe that I have turned the car on and off more than most people. Any thoughts?
Elements a great car, its been a little expensive to maintained sometimes but this is the worst thing that's happened that wasn't mostly regular things.
In my experience, the single biggest cause of ignition switch failure is a keyring loaded down with several pounds of garbage.

After replacing the switch, get a quick disconnect keyring and don't drive around with a janitor sized blob of keys hanging from the steering column.

If this not your situation, then you got hit with some bad luck.
Same with my 03: Long time Honda driver disappointed

Same problem with my 03 Element. First passenger door, then driver's door. Also had the window crack twice while driving for no reason, but I've already replaced it so no help from Honda.

We've been Honda owners since 1982, but I'm really disappointed. And tired of crawling in through the back hatch, & waiting for it to break.
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