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I have a green 2003 Honda Element that recently has had issues starting. Once or twice a week it will turn over but ultimately end up not starting. When the key is pulled out there is a clicking that sounds like it's coming from the dash on the passenger side and can also be heard in the engine. The parking and emissions lights on the instrument panel also flash along in time with the clicking noise. The green key light on the tachometer also appears. Since the alarm system was recently disabled I believe the car horn would be going along with the clicking noise as well, although I don't know this for sure. It's been towed to my local Honda Dealership a couple of times only for it to turn on with no issues on every attempt, making a definite diagnosis impossible. The dealership gave me a list of high-probability potential problems that would drain me $4K if all of the parts were replaced. They were:
  • Immobilizer - $527.80
  • PCM - $1,404.11
  • Gauge Cluster - $877.94
  • Lock Assembly $ 1,293.15
I feel like the Gauge Cluster probably has the lowest likelihood of being the problem. This car has been in the family for 16 years so I'm not ready to give up on it just yet. It's been 100% reliable up until this point and I feel that it can be fixed. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated unless your advice is to take it to the dealer. Thanks!
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