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2003 power windows

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My passenger side window no longer works all of a sudden. Any idea where to start?
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After checking the fuses and other side switch, I would grab the wire bundle in the door hinge area and move it. After that its switch, and then motor both of which require some disassembly. This is the type of item that the service manual comes in handy.

May sound pretty obvious but check the window lock button .. Few years back I had just hard wired my radar in and after my passenger window didn't work so I assumed it was a fuse after fiddeling with the fused for half an hour in the rain( oh and the window was stuck open) Somone in the car was like is the window lock on and sure enough it was I felt so stupid... but yah never now lol
I am having the same problem with my 2007SC. sitting at the dealers (classic honda in orlando) right now typing this on their free internet.

checked the obvious fuses and switches and think the window is off the track. don't know how it happend. the vehicle was parked in my drive with the window rolled up and when I went out to use it I found the window down and inoperative.

dealer said they would fix it for free due to warantee but not sure if they could do it today. they need to see if they have the parts it needs and they won't know until it's taken apart.

that would leave me stranded without a car. they said warantee does not include rentals. is this true?

I'll keep everyone posted.

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according the the honda care pamphlet, if they have one available they will issue you a loaner.
one new window regulator and one new battery and I'm good to go. no cost to me and done in about an hour and a half.

I didn't know the battery was bad but as part of their 28 point check it showed as having a bad cell.

I think this dealer is a good one.

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