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2003 Vs. 2004

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OK spoke with four dealerships today and one flat out said the 2003 doesnt have an EX 4WD Manual. I think they were hight but I humored them. I did get some info on the 2004 models thought and there are some interesting issues.
2004 will not have a DX model at all!
The armrests and keyless entry will be stock so I know that.

Heres the issue:
1. I can get 4WD EX with AT not manual trans for invoice $19262 or slightly below today in almost any color.
2. In a few days (September 25th) the 2004s roll in.
3. The price will be up 700-1100 more for 2004 so theres one hit, but ya get the diff in options.
4. Honda may stick to MSRP for awhile on the new model year car so Id be in worse shape figure min $20,000 for the car.

Any ideas???
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