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2004 element 220,000 miles?

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if it has good records and everything is tip top, is $5800,00 too much for this? It would be for my 20 year old daughter, it is an EX 4 WD and has the all important side airbags. Our limit is $5000,00. should I consider this? it is from a private owner.
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That's kind of high mileage. Something like that would be good for local only use. You must consider the fact that there is no warranty at all on it. If it were from a dealer they would give you 30 days at least.

It's pricey for something like that.

It may be fine, but without knowing how it was treated throughout that quarter million miles, It's a chance.

I'd keep looking, or try to get the price down. It's bound to need something, soon.

But that's just me.

I have to agree with Dom...that's pretty high miles for an 05.
I have 240,000 KM, and I know what work I've had to have done....twice the miles for $5800? Not unless they have very specific and thorough maintenance records, and my mechanic goes over the vehicle first (and then, it's still a high price for a vehicle with that many miles)

I might get a high miler for myself, but NOT for one of my kids....who needs the call at 1 am saying the car is broken down....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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