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I have 04 EX AWD, purchased with OEM remote, security system / alarm system from dealer.

Few weeks ago, battery went dead. (Someone left interior light on for 3 days)
And I jumped up the battery, and car is back on raod.
My dealer indicated that my battery only has 30% working ability, soon I need new battery.
Anyway, after drained battery, my horn for alarm is stop working. (horn from steering wheel is still working fine).

(One weird thing is that drained battery did not reset my radio code. I thought I need to enter radio code again after replace or drained battery, radio was working as well.)

It is supposed to horn when I push "Lock" button twice to confirm the alarm is set on, and hold Panic button for 1~2sec. Panic mode is working (I guess) because all the lights and dash boards are flashing, but without sound/horn.

Remote works fine as usual, but no horn at all.

I looked thru security manual to change mode to Auto, Manual, Valet, and etc. All setting works w/o horn.

Please help.
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