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2004 Element w/ 96k miles?

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My husband and I brought home a used 2004 Element w/ 96,000 miles.
While I think the car is way cool and perfect for our lifestyle, I am concerned about getting a "new" vehicle with so many miles. Does anyone have experience with this type of we have anything to worry about?


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better to get a newer vehicle with alot of miles than an old one with few. reason being honda engines and transmissions last a long time, pretty much anyone on here will tell you. rubber bushings dry out, metal parts rust, and electrical componets fail alot more frequently on an older car, even with fewer miles and if it was a "grandmas grocery getter" and that is why it has so few miles then it will likely destroy the engine and tranny the first time it is used at a decnet speed like highway driving. in short, better to get a newer car with "high" miles than an older one with very few, especially if it is a honda. that element probably gets better mileage than mine as that generally improves over time on them too.
My 04 has 106,000 miles, bought new. I am a salesman and drive a lot on my job. And I just really like to drive to "See the USA". My maintenance and repair costs have been $2500. Tires, brakes, battery, oil changes....

If your new Element seems sound and if you have any of the maintenance records....Drive on and be happy.:smile:

Otherwise, change out the fluids and filters....And drive on and be happy.:smile:

EDIT: Your E is more likely SOP than CFM. Just saying.
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