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2004 Honda Element Replace Engine

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Have a 2004 Honda Element with 195K miles on it. Took it to the Honda dealer 'cause the Engine light was on. Turns out the #1 cylinder is dead. They located an engine (used) with 32K miles on it. And quoted me about $3950 to exchange the engine with a warranty on the engine of 1K miles. Does this sound reasonable?
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You really want to look to options outside the dealership. You can easily get a low mileage engine for this beast for between $1250-$1500 and add another $500-$700 for labor and you're about at half what the dealer wants. Most shops have pretty good relationships with reputable suppliers so I wouldn't worry about them hitting you with any shipping and handling charges.

What I can't understand though is that you drove(?) your car to the dealership for them to tell you the engine was bad? 4 Cylinders will run on 3 Cylinders but it would have been a hell of a ride to the dealership.
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