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2004 Honda Element Replace Engine

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Have a 2004 Honda Element with 195K miles on it. Took it to the Honda dealer 'cause the Engine light was on. Turns out the #1 cylinder is dead. They located an engine (used) with 32K miles on it. And quoted me about $3950 to exchange the engine with a warranty on the engine of 1K miles. Does this sound reasonable?
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In those almost 200k miles, did you ever have the valves adjusted/checked?

If it is a just a smaller valve issue, and the motor has been decently maintained, you might want to just do the valve job.

In any case, I'd look around at some other shops for a second opinion.
Have an appointment for a second opinion tomorrow....
Any updates yet?

Any specific details on what is actually wrong?
Having just done the research, my advice to the OP is just find somebody to who will give you a few bucks for it for the scrap value. It's just not worth dumping that kind of money (and time, and effort) into...
I generally agree, but I still think a second opinion is worthwhile. We don't know why the cylinder is "dead."

What are the codes? Compression test? Maintenance history?

It could be as simple as a bad plug or coil/ignitor....or it could be an expensive fix.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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