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Anyone know when the 2004s hit the showroom floors?
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if you do a search this has been covered pretty extensively. No one knows for sure, anywhere from beginning of October to end of November.

Ordered mine two weeks ago in Chesapeake VA. Was told to expected an Oct delivery. No more specific than that....
They must be coming soon because all of the Honda dealerships around here have cut their Element stock down to 2 or 3 vehicles instead of the 7 or 8 I've been used seeing.

It looks as if I'll be getting a 2004 since there is no way I can get one before the new year. I wonder if I'm the oldest club member (membership age, not personal age) who doesn't own an E yet?
No, I think that goes that award goes to Tom.
Still no definite word on the 2004 models. I still don't see any dealers that have been able to order 2004 models yet. I'll post as soon as I know of the earliest build dates.
[quote:ff87430c53="Hawaiian E"]No, I think that goes that award goes to Tom.[/quote:ff87430c53]

Tom who?
I talked to my salesman. He said the 2004's are coming in between october and november and that there was no change. He said that honda usually doesn't change the cars the first 2 years. Also my dealer just got a shipment of 10 more 2003 elements and is expecting more. So there are plenty out there. You just have to find a dealer that will locate one for you.
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