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2005 E

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I change the 4 motor mounts ,clean the crc throtle and body intake and still making rottling noyse they say i have to wait a least a couple of weeks for the mounts to settle will see what happen , i got new tires , new battery lets hope that is it, and there os a noyse coming from the right back tire they say it was the calippers were locked they change them and the noyse is better bit still there help?
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When i'm driving starts suddenly and continues for a while then stops and then starst again thats the rattling noise is like when you go to walmart handling a cart and the wheel are loose .
The noyse from the wheel is like using a sand paper but soft.
The other thing i got is i was trying to change the lights from the cluster speedometer the wouldn't fit so i pull a protection from the back and put them directly so i put them in the car and look at a smoke coming out , so turn the car off ,took the cluster out and reposition the lights with the protection but strongly and they worked but the clustes was bad so i went to a "specialist" and find me a used replacement , that's the only thing he did cause he didn't fix the miles and now the D light is blinking so is causing my battery to shut down only a week new.
I change the timing belt and tensioner and still making noise in front under motor is a vibration like rattling if I recorded on sound almost unhearable but it do shows the vibration on the voice recorder but don't know how to share it here
could you take a video to share the sound with us?
How do i share a video in here?
The voice file doesn't have an allowed extension
I try to post a video and this is what it says
Let me know what is this noise about.
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