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We had two 2005's an M/T and an A/T. They were both great vehicles.

Check the vehicle over carefully, examine the front and rear struts for leaks etc., note how it tracks and drives. Examine the transmission fluid etc.
Pull a CARFAX or Experian Autocheck. Look at the coolant by removing the radiator cap and shining a good flashlight to see the tube ends in the radiator.(a few '05's came with bad coolant that caused a major corrosion issue) and make sure the heater blows HOT (E's have great heat unless there is a problem)

The price is very decent for a 2005, and Magnesium Metallic is a one year color (won't see one on every corner!), so if it checks out, and you only need to haul four people maximum, then this could be a great, reliable family vehicle for you.

Note- the maintenance schedule calls for spark plug replacement and valve inspection/ adjustment at 110,000 miles. If the plugs were not changed- I'd get that done. The valves- as long as the engine isn't TOO quiet (Honda K engines are a little noisy unless the valves are tight) you should be OK.
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