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Hello All,

I have a 2005 MT5 AWD. I have multiple issues.

1.) Shift linkage is knotchey and loud. Upshift from 1st to 2nd - I usually have to just let the gear "drop in". I can force it in with no grinding, but there is annoying resistance. Downnshift from 3rd to 2nd is OK. I have lubricated the shift linkage and changed the trans. fluid and added the Honda conditioner with no improvement. Also changed the cluch fluid. Other gears shift fine up or down.

2.) Very slight vibration when accelerating in 2nd gear at low RPM. It is right at the low end. Feels like it is RPM related and not speed related.

Actions: I've had my Honda mechanic ( expert of 35 years ) try to diagnose the problem. He does not think it is clutch or slave cylinder related. He has not worked on very many AWD Elements and he is worried about opening a "can of worms". I agree with his causion and I've just been living with it. I'm thinking it may be drive shaft related, maybe the balancing? I've had the car since new and I'm sure these issues did not exist when I bought it.

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You neglected to mention mileage. Your E is old enough to be concerned with overall wear issues.

What do you mean by "Shift linkage is knotchey and loud."? The actual linkage is loud - makes a lot of noise if you try and shift 1->2 with the car parked and engine off - or the shift is loud from the transmission, grinding and clunking during operation?

AWD in the E adds no complexity to the M/T. I am concerned that your mechanic is misleading you this way. He might just be politely deflecting a wild goose chase where the next move is opening the transmission, a $2000+ proposition. Also, a certainty - any AWD driveshaft vibration problem is going to show in any gear, not just 2nd. It's the road speed that counts with the driveshaft.

Conditioner? I'm not aware of any "conditioner" for the M/T lubricant, but I could be corrected on that. If you or your mechanic has added something to the sump that isn't the Honda-compatible M/T oil, then it needs to be drained and replaced with unadulterated lube.

My specific, actionable advice is to get a second opinion from another mechanic who can drive it for a hands-on verification. There are a lot of Honda-specialist shops in the Bay Area, so take advantage of your rich resources there.
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