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My first post:smile: My 2006 element had the rear rotors replaced at 5,500 miles. Today, at 20,000 miles the front rotors resurfaced and new pads. The E is 3 months out of warranty. The dealership wanted no part of a warranty discussion. I called Honda in CA - no luck there. Why are these rotors going bad so soon on this vehicle?:confused:
You did not indicated why the rear rotors was replaced, warped rotor, any other mechanical reason?

Also, any specific mechanical reason front rotors are resurfaced? or it was just recommend by technician as part of brake replacement?

I am actually never fan of resurfaced. I normally just replace rotor, if I see any significant warped or any other damaging. Brand new pair of front rotors are approx. $140 from Honda, & cheaper from Autozone.
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