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2006 Element?

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Now I've found a 2006 Element with only 14,000 miles on it that has everything I want....I wasn't planning on going that old, but it's a good deal and a nice clean car. Anyone with 2006's have any feedback on them? Have there been any major improvements that are noteworthy since 2006?

questions, questions, I'm just full of em!

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Probably the biggest change from '06 until now was the seatbelts being integrated into the front seat. I believe they started doing that in '07 and some taller folks have complained that the ergonomics aren't as good with the newer design.

Other than that all the changes are really just cosmetic. With mileage that low, I'd grab it quick and if the cosmetic differences are just too much for you, spend a few extra bucks and buy all the widgets to upgrade it yourself (grill insert, wheels, etc...).
Luv my '06 !!!!! I'm keepin her til one of us rolls over dead!
I'm not much into wheels and cosmetic things so am checking it's 7 hours from me so is kind of a hassle but it's exactly what I'm looking for in the price range I would rather spend...payment on a new is just a bit higher than I want right now.

I didn't much like the seatbelts in the front when I drove the new ones...they pushed on my neck too much and drove me crazy. Hope the '06s belts are better

Luv my '06 !!!!! I'm keepin her til one of us rolls over dead!
The one I'm looking at is a twin to yours...same color, model, etc. :)
i would jump on it!!!! my 06 has 55000 miles and still loving it..
i would jump on it!!!! my 06 has 55000 miles and still loving it..
I would say the same thing. I also think that they moved the seatbelts because of the curtain airbags. The nice thing with the older style is that you can lay all of the seats flat.
Wow, great miles. I thought I was doing good with my '06 and 25k miles. I really love my '06. Only problem I had was a premature battery failure at around 15k. The battery that Honda replaces was a much better and a bit larger than the stock one from what I remember.

Good Luck!
My '06 is at 52,000 miles now (yes, I've put 11,000 miles on my E since April). So far, the only issue I've had was with the rear brakes. At 47,000, I had to completely rebuild the rear brakes. The rotors were literally crumbling with rust (the tech tapped the rotor with his metal micrometer and chunks fell off in the lobby), and the rust basically ate the pads too.

Other than the brakes, though, the car's been brilliant. It sounds like you're looking at an automatic, so there's no issue with getting used to the E's hydraulic clutch. I'd say go for it if you're liking it.
Buy it!!

I bought my '06 about a month ago and I'm loving it. 14K miles is pretty amazing. I thought I did great getting mine with 35K. Hope it all goes well!
Sigh, it sold before I had a chance to deal on it...I hate when dealers don't update their websites!

I'm just going to hold out for this brand new '08 I'm hoping will still be at the dealer in Sept once my car qualifies for cash for clunkers. Long shot that the money and the E will still be there but it's a good enough deal to wait it out and keep looking in the meantime.
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