Sorry for the flipped photos- (the site did that on its own)

This 2006 Honda element has gotten me through 10 yrs of life. it's been a workhorse of a car. we are selling it because we are moving and down sizing to a 1 car family.

The Good- - Tires still have a lot of life on them - Oil changes have been regular until recently. Oil light is on. -For the year the car is, it's lowish miles. This is not my daily driver- the past few months I maybe have driven it a total of 10 times
(173,334) total miles!

The Bad- - I was into a fender bender hit & run last year and never got back bumper fixed. it's small damage and probably did nothing to actual car.

- shocks 100% need to be changed. it can get be pretty crunchy at times.

- I have a very old seat covers on the car. there's a tear in the driver side that's covered by the seat cover.

- there's some scratches on the outside of car.

- the back seats are taken out of the car. I should still have them- request if you want them.

- the driver door handle is a little jammed. easy fix- but you have to unlock from passenger side currently.

the car needs a little TLC but still a lot
of life in it for the right person to take care of it.

feel free to ask any questions.