Hey all - so a bit of a dilemma here. I love my Ecamper, although some pretty persuasive forces are steering me toward an EV. Short of electrifying/hybridizing the Element (wide open to ideas for that!), it looks like I might need to pass 'er along, hopefully to an EOC member. I'm not totally committed to that yet, so just testing the waters a bit.

The quick details are ~160k miles, well-maintained, 2nd-owner, good to excellent condition all around, newer brakes, no rust, no mechanical issues. About the only thing needed would be some new TPS sensors for the tire pressure if you're into that kind of thing. Small upgrades/features are 215/70/16 mud/snow tires, OEM rubber floormats, seat covers, and clever front-mount bike rack (the only way to go!).

Big upgrade is the Ecamper which is pretty darn great!

I'm seeing price-points all over the place these days for the base vehicle and the camper add-on puts another big variable in play. I haven't put together a full pictorial with interior photos, though here are a few adventure shots to give a sense (and a comp from Portland for reference).

So I'm curious, how far north or south of $20k do folks think on this for pricing these days?
(any friendly input welcome...and feel free to vote with your wallet to push me off the fence) :)

Best, J