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Hey All,

I am the original owner of 2007 Element SC with now 114,000 miles. Babied, city driving in Los Angeles, all services done at original dealership as per specs, FWD version.

Issue: Transmission starting slipping a few days ago. Only 1st and 2nd gear, shoots to 4k RPM and shifts rough but if I drive slowly it goes okay. Reverse, nuetral, park all work fine, higher gears work fine. I researched initially and thought solenoid but I like to give people rope to hang themselves. I took it to the closest Honda dealer near me they said new transmission and no codes show. Next day I took it to a reputable transmission shop they said no codes either, and definitely needs a newly rebuilt transmission. Went online again and sounds like I should be replacing the Dual Linear Transmission Solenoid as per previous posts and YouTube recs, online research.

My question: Can anyone who has had this issue recommend where I should be purchasing the Dual Solenoid Unit (I need part number 28260 PRP 014). I have searched online and it looks like tons of fake factory OEM on Ebay ect., aftermarket sites hard to determine legit parts, ect. which are not recommended.

My local dealers want nearly $500 which is insane but I would like to source an OEM Honda one because I am sure the product has been updated and would rather replace with new than find a junked one that might fail. Maybe out of state dealers, best place to purchase in US? don't mind shipping.

Many Thanks in Advance - I am located in Los Angeles.
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