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Changed the BRAKE TAIL LIGHT bulbs...... I am a female... don't judge...... but still don't work... what fuse would I look for?? My Manual doesn't list anything for BRAKE Light. The upper one works but not Either tail brake lights. Blinkers work, backup works.... NOT BRAKE TAIL LIGHT.

PLEASE any help for me 馃檹!!!!!

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Two things to check - the tail light relay and a fuse. The relay is a rectangular box (there are several) on your fuse panel under the dashboard. This relay is the last one right before the fuses start. There is no specific fuse on the under dash panel. Under the hood, from the right side of the fuses (about the middle of the fusebox), bottom row, second from the right, is a fuse that controls not only the tail lights, but dashboard lights, side marker lights, front parking lights, and your license plate light. It's a 15 amp fuse (should have that written on the top). If neither one of these fixes the problem, I would go back the simple things - are the bulbs correct? are they seated correctly? are the wires leading up to them in good shape? Hope this helps!! Good Luck!! :D

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I don't judge based on gender. From what you wrote I assume you are not a mechanic or electrician but have average intelligence (you are here after all) and can understand an explanation and answer some simple questions.

Those lower bulbs have two circuits, two separate filaments in them, one is for tail illumination, the other is for brake indication.

The high mount light has no tail light function, only brake. The other brake lights use the same fuse and relay. The left brake light also uses the same grounding connection. So if the upper brake light works, the other two brake lights should work unless they are not installed right.

Regardless of whether the tail light or brake light isn't working, the first step of trouble shooting is the same.

Duplicate what you did to install the new bulbs.
( Assumed that you used a type 7440 incandescent bulbs, not LEDs. If not get 7443 bulbs).
  • To remove the old bulbs you had to remove the socket by twisting it 1/4 turn counterclockwise and the pull the bulb straight out .
  • To install the new bulbs you had to push the new bulbs straight in until they bottomed and then install the socket by twisting it 1/4 ty=urn clockwise.
  • Then you checked the bulbs before reinstalling the headlight assembly.
If that didn't work, there is a fuse or relay not working, the wiring is damaged, or both new bulbs are defective. Answer the following questions:


1. Did those lights work before you changed the bubs?

2. If they worked before, what happened between then and now?

3. Is the high mount brake light on when your headlights are on?

4. Do your rear side marker lights work?

5. Does your rear license plate light work?

6. Do your front turn signals work?

7. Do your rear turn signals work?


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If you have a multimeter, check the contacts for 12 volts when the brake pedal is pushed. If you have 12 volts at the contacts, then the bulbs are the problem.

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I remember I had a brake light problem on an old VW and it turned out to be what is called a brake light switch If I recall correctly. Not sure if that could be part of the problem
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