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2007 SC Price Advice

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I'm looking to buy an element - I've been looking seriously for about a month now - and in the state of texas, buying new is not easy. There are not many new elements out there in the trim and color that I want and prices are not friendly to my budget.

I just searched craigslist and found a local certified 2007 SC with 15k miles. It's gorgeous - flawless condition, looks like it belongs on the new lot.

Advertised price was 19,580 - last night we agreed to 18,9 and I took the car home for the night to 'test'.

After looking more at the used market, 18,9 seemed pretty high so I called back today and said 18,250 is the highest I can go.

I think 18,250 is a fair deal all around, I know they'd still be making money on it - and I don't think I'd be getting ripped off.

I'm really just looking for a nudge (either way) from someone with a bit more pricing experience - buying used is new territory for me and its hard to find comparable data out there.

Friends that arent very familiar with the element have told me its a good deal and also that its a terrible deal. Of course the terrible deal comments have given me worry.

Thanks for any advice or comments!
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Wow! that's pretty close to borderline, I live in Cali and see some with the same miles from private sellers for $15,500 -$16,900, are you buying of the H dealer/certified?...if you do you're own bank financing, they should be able to tell you the worth or blue book, and I personally think 17K would be a fair price cash or finance especially.
Why not fly somewhere and bring one home? The element does so good in all types of weather, no fear driving it back!
surfing through

shopping and comparing prices 2007-8 SC $21,000 to $23,000
with 20000 to 40000 miles

not a single stick SC, maybe the listings are not 100% correct?
also looking for Grey or silver
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