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2008 LX Aftermarket Radio question

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Hi All,

I've done radio installs in all my past vehicles and i'm not a total newb :)
Just wanted to make sure that i'm not missing anything before i open the new car up.

I'm planning on putting the F700bt pioneer Avic from my trade in Scion Xb to our new 08 element.

The double din in the Element is the standard size correct?
Are there any mounts or other kits needed? on my old 05 element ex years ago i had an eclipse unit in and they needed to put a radio surround to "fill the gaps"

This is the harness i'll be ordering

Once i get that in, the only other time i will be opening the dash is when we upgrade to the EX sub trim & aftermarket sub & rear camera install.

But i dont wanna pick up too much stuff...(boxes are a red flag to significant others!!!! lol)

Thanks in advance!
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I can't remember if the LX has the same radio shape as the EX/SC, which is slightly wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. If it is the trapezoidal shape you will either need a specific mounting kit, or do like I did and order the surround from an '06 model. Part#8 here

Also, the LX doesn't have an external amp, so the harness looks right.

Excellent thanks, do you reuse the honda brackets on the aftermarket radio?
My pioneer is a double din navi
the kit does both, din with pocket and double din.
you're the man.

ordering now :)
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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