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2010 E moonroof...

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Is Auto Spa in Carmel IN the place to go to have a moonroof put in my 2010 Element???? Thanks!
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The sunroof installers that will not hack up your roof are doing you a favor by not wanting an unhappy customer down the road. The flat flange of the sunroof will not seal up properly on the ridges of the E. It may hold for a year or to, but finally the seal will let go when the sealer starts to shrink from heat and the body flexing. I do know of two people that put a roof in a pickup with the ridged roof. They had a bodyshop take the headliner out and reworked the metal to form a flat area for the flange of the sunroof to seal to. The paint and metal work cost about $500.00 extra. The guy really wanted a roof. I just hope you don't put something on your E that will give you a water leak in the future.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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