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Hi All,
I'm new on the forum. I'm thinking seriously about purchasing an Element, and this looked like a good place to learn as much as possible about them from the owner's viewpoint.

I'm interested in this discussion about the Element not being manufactured for many more years. My main concern is the availability of parts if it's discontinued. Will this be a problem?

Incidentally, I e-mailed a Honda dealership yesterday and inquired about when they expected the 2010 Elements. He replied this morning that they already had some on the lot. Unfortunately they are 30 miles from my work, and it wasn't convenient for me to check them out today. Has anyone seen the 2010's at a dealership yet?
I doubt there are any 2010's out yet, but you never know.

As far as parts are concerned, I believe by LAW, and correct me if I am
wrong, car manufactures are required to make parts for a car for 10 years.
So if you buy a 2010 Honda Element, and that is the last year they make
the Element, Honda will have to produce parts for it up until 2020. This
may have changed, but that was the last I heard.

Im sure someone here will either verify or point out my errors.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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