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I went to one of the local dealers last week and looked at the 2009 Elements. I told the Salesman that I was concerned about the rumored discontinuation of the Element for 2010. He immediately called his sales manager and was told (by the Mgr) that he had already planned to order Elements for 2010. The Manager said that there was NO indication that the Element would be discontinued for 2010. The salesman added that they had plenty of warning about the S2000 and felt that Honda would have already notified them if the Element would not appear in 2010. I hope this is true. We'll probably start seeing 2010 lineups from most Manufacturers after 4th of July.
From what I've been told by my dealer (both salesperson & sales manager), 2009 will be the last year for the Element. If it isn't that's outstanding...if it is, you better buy that 2009 now ;-)
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