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Isn't that how a buying experience goes with the E...? When I was looking to get my E, I saw a '09 in Omni Blue Pearl... It reminded me of "refrigerator white" and I fell IN LOVE with it...!!! The kid (salesman) was telling me that it was a rare color and couldn't believe that this was one of 4 availiable in all of California but alas, it was a SC w/a Navi and I wanted what I got, an EX-RT4wD/AT(no Navi)... Oh well, PMM was the 2nd choice and I looked all over Northern Cali to get the LAST one...!

Funny how the CR-V costs more from the get-go and yet it didn't have that special "something" that made me want it... No offense to Ridgeline and Pilot owners but the E just did it for me... The best bang for your buck in a Honda truck...

Congrats and hope you have many years of enjoyment and service...!

P.S.: Rolie, that FC is pretty bad-a$$ and the seats/****pit is styled like a McClaren F-1... Danggggg... Sweet looking ride... Keep us updated when the Crosstour comes out or shoot me a PM... Thanks Bro...!
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