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I have the exact same modified Element. The exhaust and gas tank are not original or have been modified on the FMI conversion. I don't think a bolt on exhaust will fit.

It is the daily driver for my wife. It's a vehicle modified by FMI to be driven from a wheelchair, so I was looking for mostly bolt-ons and simple installs that wouldn't leave her stranded or also leave us with a busted engine. We very much need reliability to be top priority and acceleration improvement a close second. I'll probably hold off on the turbos just seeing from others on the site that have posted their step by step builds processes. This is what I would like to do (so far):

Cold Air Intake: INJEN® SP Series Cold Air Intake System - 2.4L $295.26
Claims 5.6 HP increase
Item Number: 111942

Exhaust: Gibson® - Swept Side Exhaust - 2.4L # GBS-X14001 – $343.71 Claims 10-20 HP increase
Honda Element 2.4L 2006 & UP, Swept Side Exhaust System - Aluminized or Stainless. Notes: 4dr.

And then I came across something I had never seen before, electric-powered superchargers:

Supercharger: Electric Super Charger 2.5 PSI $225.00 Claims 50-75 HP increase

Supercharger: Supercharger $339.95 Claims 80 HP increase
(Honda Element, 2011, With K&N Style Air Filter, With Fuel Management Chip, With Voltage Stabilizer & Grounding Kit)

What gives? I had never heard of these add-ons and do they really work? What kind of added drain does this put on the electrical system? When we got the Element, I thought it would be quite easy to upgrade them given how little they've changed over the model years. I guess all I can do is order the parts and see how they go. Thanks for the reply.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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