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235/65/16 with OEM rim?

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Wondering whether anyone has installed 235/65/16 tires with the original rims that came with the car? How has been your experience?

I believe the diameter is just slightly larger. Any problems going over bumps? Thanks.
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Best and ONLY replacement

235/65-16 is the only Honda approved alternate size for the E. Handling is more precise because the tire height is shorter. And the 235mm contact patch helps you corner like a slot car.
Why anyone would put a taller tire like a 225/70-16 or worse a 235/70-16 on an already high center of gravity vehicle boggles the mind.
When I drove an E with 225/70-16's, they felt more scary that the stock Wranglers.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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