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235/65/16 with OEM rim?

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Wondering whether anyone has installed 235/65/16 tires with the original rims that came with the car? How has been your experience?

I believe the diameter is just slightly larger. Any problems going over bumps? Thanks.
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First: Welcome to the EOC!

Second: IMO, that tire is a little too wide for the stock rim, you will have a ton of buldge and your handling will suffer for sure, 225/65 would be safer, stock is perfect for our stock rims. Choose a tire that kerps you and your passengers safe. The tire would technically fit, but not correctly.

Thanks. Would 225/70/16 or 225/65/16 be better? I don't know if there's advantage to having slightly smaller or larger wheel? I don't do off road driving, so am not too concerned about clearance.

Also, I assume having larger wheels means the mileage counter rolls a little slower than it should, meaning car is being overworked, whereas having smaller wheels runs out the warranty a little sooner.:)
Sounds like 235/65/16, 225/70/16, 225/65/16, and 215/70/16 will all fit on the OEM 2007 EX rims (16x6.5?) that I have.

As I understand it, the wider the tire, the better the handling; and the shorter the tire, the better the handling. Would I lose anything by having shorter tires other than the ground clearance which is not important for me at all? How about the degradation of performance due to "bulge" of wider tires on narrower rims such as 235/65 on the 16x6.5?

I guess the question is would I gain more in handling by having the wider tire, or lose more by having slight give due to the slight bulge as insane_sc mentioned?

I do want a wider tire than the 215, but do not want to get any taller by going to 225/70/16, so I think it's between 225/65/16 vs 235/65/16. Any thoughts?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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