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Sounds like a wallet flush procedure to me. Next time tell them (or another dealer, preferably) to do only what's in the manual, nothing else without your permission.
Agreed. If you have your manual, when you know you're coming up to a service interval, take a look at what's specified, and then tell the dealer/mechanic to do only X, Y, Z, and Q, listing each item you want done specifically.

Speaking of wallet flush procedures, you mentioned a 25,000 service interval. Are you following the Severe Duty schedule, or did the dealership tell you that you have a 5,000 mile service interval? My dealership offered me "free oil changes for life" on "non-major service" intervals. The trick was that they claimed the service interval was 5,000 miles, and they padded a bunch of extra stuff into their "major service" intervals, which of course were also more frequent then were specified by the manual. Of course, I took advantage of the first free oil change, but after that I passed.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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