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2500 below MSRP, good price

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Hi Guys,

New here, and joined because a long lost bug to buy an element (lost when I moved to the UK but back in US now) has bit me hard again and I went ahead and put in a price request. Looking for a AWD EX with Navi and the price is without Navi but will need to negotiate.

Seems there is High availability in my neck of the woods, which seems to explain the price drop a bit, but wanted to know how close that may be to invoice.

Hoping to join you guys soon as a proud owner of an Element!
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thats about the price that they have set forth on the quote I was provided. The only thing now is to see if they can find one with Navi and if I will be buying. I am also looking at buying an apartment and the key difference will be if I can negotiate down the apartment I am looking at.

Will probably set up a test drive for this weekend so I can at least get a feel for it. Will let you all know.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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