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26-27 June (last weekend in June)

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This is somewhat a duplicate thread... sort of (mods, if youre going to merge, plz merge it under this title). But there seems to be a bit of confusion about the weekend im talking about getting a good group for beach camping.

Lets do some beach drivin! IF YOU DARE!

That date is 26-27 june.
Where?: Carolina Beach (i think the actual drive on beach is called freeman park)
Time?: sometime arund noon on saturday so we can properly gauge the high tide, i will be checking specifics on the tide cycle on thursday. I will get it right so feel free to show up whenever you feel like.
Price: 20$ per vehicle to access the beach.

I usually drive to the far end of the beach and set up there as there it is somewhat less crowded down there.

So, ye folks with 4wd, see you on the beach. Ye folks without 4wd, message here or PM me and we will see what we can work out, plz bring a tent if you plan on staying. I cant wait until we huddle together and watch all the flabbergasted jeep owners wonder how we did it.

Before getting on the beach, air down your tires to 20psi AT LEAST if not 15psi. Good words by me on beach driving are found in THIS THREAD.

What to bring:
Your beverage of choice. I believe glass bottles a prohibited but i might be wrong, but just to be safe, Dickens Cider Cans are the way to go, or juice boxes.
Along with your beverage of choice... H2O... bring the water.
Beach chairs.
Food, we EOCers LOVE food. Should you decide to bring something, let us know so we can compliment it with MOAR FOOD!
Tent (if your E isnt 4wd or you dont want to stay in the E)
12v air pump. I have my own and there is a gas station very close w/ air. but if you have one, save yourself the 1-2$ as the air there isnt 'free air'.
Tire pressure gauge. self explanatory
Yank straps/tow straps Justin Case says so. If you dont have any, i have some. There will be a plethora of jeep/large pickup truck drivers who would love to take some beer off your hands should you get stuck.
Pop up shelter/beach umbrella. something for some shade ;)
Sunscreen... nuff said
Significant others Bring em, they arent going to want to miss this... the beach is also pet friendly so bring your best friend.

and whatever fun beach games you feel like bringing. I think if i go on im going to sound ridiculous... past this... bring whatever you want to.

I have a fire barrel so no need to bring your own, however, if you feel like bringing firewood, more than 1 bundle is going to be overkill.

All this depends on the weather really, if its really really crappy, i will reschedule to mid july... probably 2 weekends after the 4th.
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BUMP!!! RAAAAAAAWWWWWWWRRRRRGGGGRRRRBBBBBLLLLLEEEEEE (yay ive got enough length now) element is in the shop and they say it'll be ready on I am Planning on coming if its REALLY gonna be finished. I'll let you know asap.
SWWWEEEEEEETTTTTTT!!!!!! whats wrong with your baby?
:x i rearended someone once, long story short, sudden turn with traffic so i couldn't see the idiot stopped in my lane till it was too late, i think they put a stop light in there now... got a new bumper and it was like new =)

ANYHOW, i will be cleaning out the E so i can get it dirty all over again =) Hope to see yall there

Again, i like to park at the far end of the place, less people there, if i see any other E's on my way down the beach i will be sure to stop and holler, or maybe walk back =)


High tide @ ~8:10pm which is great cause we should be partying pretty good at that point. The next high tide after that will be at about 8 am the next morning... and we should be off the beach by then unless you plan on buying 2 passes (each pass only good till 8 the next morning =(
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My wife and I sleep in the element, it works nice on the beach cause its pretty easy to get it level or at least get your head above your feet. Last weekend we went it was hot like it is now... just had our sleeping bags under us and a sheet on top. I hope to get there about noon so there is plenty of time to relax =)

Ill pm you my cell as well =) SEE YA THERE !
Gonna be a beautiful day tomorrow with a 20% chance of precip after 6pm (scattered T storms) its gonna be GREAT. Hope to see more of you there, feel free to bring Significant others, dogs, kids, cats, lizards etc.
i have donned my floppy hat... actually my wife donned hers, AND WE ARE OFF TO THE BEACH! mmm the beach =)
I HAVE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:shock:


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