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3.25" stainless exhaust

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well here it is. It sounds amazing! You can hear the turbo spin at idle and can hear it spin up through the exhaust when you get on the gas.

I had to mod my existing downpipe to put the v-band flange on the back. It previously stepped down to 2.5 at the tail to a 2.5 exhaust.

The downpipe mod was easy, only in and out of the car 2 times, once for tacking the first peice then again for the v-band elbow section at the end. then I finish welded it and bolted it back in.
Next was the wastegate tube. It's tough to make a pipe that fits exactly between to immovable flanges. You kinda just have to work from both sides and pray they meet in the middle.

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this looks really good. Exactly what I am going for, except not turbo. Now I have to do some research on the muffler that I want.

good job, cant wait to hear some sound clips! :-D:-D
Rollertoaster do you still have your OEM exhaust? I was wondering if you can cut the part that bolts to the header and like 5 inches, and sell me that... Im basically looking for the connecting piece that bolts to the header and a little bit of piping
did you get a chance to find that piece? just wondering, no rush..
Wow that looks awesome! Youre giving me inspiration. Thanks alot for that piece. My zip is 20175
Hey rollertoaster, how was your xmas and new years? Did you ever get around to finding that part of the exhaust for me?
1 - 5 of 43 Posts
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