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3,400 mile M.P.G. Stats

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I just got back from an exhaustive 9 day 3,426 mile trip to Florida from NY and various places in-between. I thought this would be the perfect time to gauge the actual gas mileage I'm getting on my '06 Element 4wd EX.

Note: Car is tuned up, no external mods (for draft), and all gas used was name-brand 87 octane for the entire tankful with non-stop driving (except for restrooms). I only used complete fill-up -to- yellow fuel light "on". I also let the pump stop automatically (no topping off). Ethanol was not taken into consideration.


25.2 No 70 3000
24.9 No 80 3200
24.7 Yes 65 2800
23.4 Yes 75 3000
23.4 Yes 75 3000
23.1 Yes 70 3000
22.5 Yes 75 3000
22.1 Yes 80 3200
21.7 Yes 80 3200
21.2 Yes 80 3200
18.4 Yes 85 3500

What I learned:

1. Using the AC on the highway costs me 2 MPG
2. Going from 80 to 85 is very inefficient
3. 70-75 seems to be the "sweet spot" which just so happens to co-inside with the maximum posted speed limit of 70 in most places.
4. Doing all this kept me sane when driving alone.

It figures AFTER I post I come across a better place for this thread.
Sorry Mods, I know you'll probably "move" this
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Cool...Just Got mine, same year,model and awd. Thanks for the info...
I literally cannot fathom how anyone is getting ~30mpg
What am I missing?
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