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4-Day Element Owner

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Good evening! My name is Brett and for now I'm the newest member of the EOC. I just purchased my Element on Friday (May 8) and I couldn't be happier. I'm not the original owner as it appears to be a lease return, but I'm looking forward to many happy years driving it. It replaces a 2000 CR-V that has served me well, and will continue to serve others well as soon as I have it ready to sell. The one thing I will miss is from the CR-V the table that came in the back. I know the Element also has a table, but I haven't purchased the legs for it yet. I will be digging through the forums shortly for table leg buying advice.

A little more about me, I am an avid railfan, and will be making use of my AWD Element to navigate the US Forest Service trails in the Cajon Pass for train watching. My first road trip for the Element takes place in two weeks. I am headed up to Tehachapi Pass. I'll see about adding some photos to this thread through Flickr or something after the trip. Thanks for putting together this great site. It was really helpful when shopping for my new car. I look forward to being able to contribute.

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I'm sure you're going to have many a fun drives in your newly purchased E!

Welcome to the EOC have some fun!:D
Welcome, Brett! I'm sure you'll love the E. :D I can relate to a drive to check out the Tehachapi loop. I mess about with model rr, and am familiar with the construction. Cool trip! One thing's for sure-- If you drive around to remote places just to look at trains, then clearly you're odd enough to fit right in here among the E'ple! :lol: Welcome again, and post the pics asap!
pictures please........................
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