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FOUR 5-spoke EX-trim 16" x 6.5" alloys available w/ or w/o factory
Goodyear Wrangler HP 215/70/16 skins (skins are un-mounted) -
naturally I prefer to sell the HP's with the rims; I would ship them
unmounted. With 600 miles on the tire/rim set, they are truly in
99-point condition. Make me an offer, please. I would happily drive
the E-buggy 2-3 hours to deliver; also, U PIK UP in San Francisco gets
muchos extra points. This would be a fine upgrade from the steel DX
wheels; also a good choice for mounting winter/snow tires BECAUSE I'll
take any reasonable offer, which would be much cheaper than a straight
purchase of additional steel DX wheels. Thanx - Tim B. 415.552.5441
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