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40k Mile Service

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Hello! I just have a quick question concerning my upcoming 40k mile service (2007 Element SC). I'm no longer under the 36k mile warranty so I don't have the incentive to get my maintenance done at my local dealer.

So, my question is--since the 2007 Elements don't have a set maintenance schedule, is it okay for me to follow the 2006 Elements' maintenance schedule?

I did a search and half the camp seems to say it's perfectly fine while the other half says that we should follow the equipped maintenance minder. I don't trust it however, as all my fluids have been running on low (coolant, transmission, brake, power steering, etc) and nothing has even popped up. Either the dealer forgot to reset it, or it's out of funk, so I'm gonna maintain my car the old fashion way.

OH! Also, any suggestions for the most budget friendly OEM part sites online? HandA seems to be popular, but I like having my options open.

Any help would be appreciated, as my car is going to hit her 40's in a few hundred miles.

Thanks! :grin:
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I have a SC 2007 RBM also, with 32000 miles, any issues popped up that I have not seen yet? Mine seems to be fine so far. Had a problem with the driver side mat wearing a hole in it. Dealer replaced it two times and said they would not do it again. I used the winter mats half the year now, but I know they are going to wear through again. If you live on the east coast there in a Honda on line parts a lot closer than H&A.
Did you get your SC serviced for the soft break recall? I might take advantage of it as I have been noticing my need to exert more force to bring my box to a stop (also, I'd get a free multi-point inspection and car wash 8)). Aside from that though, both my front door gaskets have become mildly loose. If I don't get it fixed soon, it'll probably just tear right off. This happened around 36k miles which the dealer refused to fix because I was at 36.4k miles.

The Maintenance Minder will never tell you that fluids are low. It only tells you when it's time to replace fluids, filters, brakes, etc., based on miles driven and conditions. It doesn't monitor levels.
Oh gotcha.. did not know that. I thought it'd be more sophisticated because some people swear by it and get their boxes serviced when recommended.

Anyway, anyone have any suggestions for my original post?
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