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5 spd Elements are definately available NOW in 2wd. The 4WD 5spd is scheduled to be out in June, but you can put your order in NOW. Side Air Bags are available NOW, but you will probably need to get your local dealer to order one for you, most dealers do not carry the side airbag in their normal inventory.

For ANY information on the ELEMENT please contact me. I will find the answer & respond. I will check messages at least once daily & more often if needed.

I can also snail mail ELEMENT brochures & posters while supplys last.

For Anyone interested in purchasing or leasing an ELEMENT - you have found the RIGHT person to help you. NO high pressure selling. Just the HONESTY, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, & someone who will ALWAYS go the extra mile for YOU. So go ahead contact me & lets put your ELEMENT together exactly the way you want it. I can get it shipped to you ANYWHERE!
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