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I am not sorry I waited, but I am a little disappointed in the 5 speed transmission. The gearing is way too close together. Within certain wheel and engine speeds, it is like it doesn't really matter what gear it is in. And if you are not sure, just put it in 5th. It doesn't matter as long as it doesn't lug.

Start out in 2nd gear and move directly to 4th or 5th. 1st is way too low. My wife burns rubber too easily. I suspect in rain or snow, 1st gear would be impossible to keep wheel spin down.

And what is with that 5th? It isn't high enough to really allow the engine to loaf and just give decent gas mileage. The final drive numbers on the automatic is higher by a bit, than 5th on a manual trans.

I would get the 5 speed again because I am that kind of guy. But I hope the next time I am in the market for a new car, the Element has a better grip on gear ratios.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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