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Ford and Honda spec 5W-20 oil in some models (like ours) unlike the thicker 5W-30 that most cars use (and performance cars, hot viscosity thicker than that, even). Here is my question: Did they do it to squeak out another 0.5 MPG or so, for Corporate Average Fuel Economy - or is there actually a reason?

In other words, did they sacrifice the life of my engine to sell more PilotOddyseys and F250s?

I will say our VTEC valve failed at about 75K (of the 155K miles we have now) - cheap to fix. I understand it has a tiny orifice, and it's oil-pressure driven, so perhaps the thicker oil didn't work well.

Don't want to start a war over oil... only over oil VISCOSITY ;0 :evil:
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