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I bled/changed my brake fluid today. Look at that dirty fluid (see last photo). While I was at it, I performed a “service” (see 3rd photo of cleaned caliper bracket prior to application of CRC Synthetic Brake & Caliper Grease and reinstallation of cleaned & lubed pad retainers). The service steps are documented elsewhere so I won’t repeat.

Runout. See first two photos. Measure in 10 mm from the edge of the rotor. Place dial indicator there. Zero dial indicator. Rotate rotor. Service limit is .004”. The runout on my rotors was less than .001”. For the record I spun my rotor at least a dozen times. I couldn’t get the dial indicator to move an entire click. The rotor is ridiculously straight for the mileage. I am still waiting for my mic to show up. So, I don’t have parallelism figures for you today. I’m sure you’ll all be waiting anxiously.

I used calipers to measure the pad thickness. The backing is around .250” per my measurement. I used a real (not one of those cheap Chinese rip-offs) CenTech digital caliper. Yes, I wrote CenTech. By my own admission I used my best technique chops, but measuring to the thousandth of an inch is probably beyond what my technique allows.

For the bored, my right front pads:
Inner: 0.246” @ the top and 0.257” @ the bottom.
Outer: 0.263” @ the top and 0.269” @ the bottom.

Per the service manual the pads started between 0.420” & 0.440.” Service limit is 0.060.” So, 0.420” - 0.060” is a 0.370” service life. @ 60K miles I’ve got 0.250” – 0.060” = 0.190” of the original 0.0370 left, or approximately 50% after 60K miles. Pretty darn impressive IMO.

I could post the rest but they’re all real similar.


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