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Hello Element Owners,
I recently bought Honda Element with 51K and because I am newbie in the USA decided to buy Honda Care contract. Now I have almost 60K (200 mi to go). And I have do do 60K service. If I wouldn't have Honda Care I would go mechanic by recommendation. But as I understand I have to go to official dialer to not void Honda Care contract, correct?

I looked into a price and to be honest was shocked: $600 for nothing. I would agree to pay 600 if I see that something will be done. But change oil and break fluid for the almost six hundreds. Do all official dealers have the same price? I already regret that signed for Honda Care (price of HC + crazy service price will cover any fix).

Here is explanation from dealer web site:

60K Factory Service (Vehicle's at 10,000 Mile Service Intervals)

Replace engine oil & filter
-Rotate 4 tires and wheels
-Replace engine air filter
-Adjust tire pressure
-Lubricate hinges, lock and latches
-Perform brake fluid exchange** (every 3 years)
-Replace In-Cabin air filter

Inspect the following:
-Ball joints
-Brake lines, hoses & connections
-Check operation Lights & accessories
-Drive axles
-Tie rod ends, steering gearbox & boots
-Drive belt(s)
-Exhaust system
-Fluid levels
-Fuel lines, hoses, connections
-Parking brake
-Steering & suspension

** See your service advisor for details

Please see your Service Advisor for Pricing


Thank you for any advice,

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You should not have to go to any certain place for your maintenance. Just document what you did and when and that should be fine.

and Yes, that price is outrageous for not really doing anything.



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60K service

yes thats pretty high.... I just had a 60k check up done on my 03, for $315.00 and it also included a transmition service.

For what I paid and the year of my element is was worth the piece of mind to me, they did want to replace my read swaybar links and bushings for an aditional 229.99 but I passed on this, as posted I will either DIY or buy the links and have someone put in for hopefully a bit less..

for refrence I would look at some honda dealers websites and see if you can print out there 60k price quote and show your dealer. Mine is Silco honda in Rayham Mass. fyi..
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