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Hi fellow owners,

I have a question that I was unable to find in the forums so I'll try my luck with a post.

Ok, I own a 2006 E and I don't use my air condition that much during the year, only during the humid Summer months. Now I was told by family & friends that if I don't use my A/C often, I won't have to get it recharged often.

Well a buddy at work told me that service shops don't recharge the A/C system unless there is a leak in the system. Basically, it's a self contained system, he said.

Now, I was surprise and I'm hoping he is correct too. Is that true?
If so, I no longer need to feel guilty turning on my A/C even when it's a little warm outside.

Oh, in fact I need the A/C system recharged at some point, how much does a typical repair shop charge?


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An A/C system is a closed system.

You don't need routine charging unless there is a leak.

That said if you don't use your system enough you could develop compressor issues.

But you are in SoCal so you should be using your A/C more than enough to worry about compressor issues from lack of use.

Bottom line...Use it when you need/want to. :)

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