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Hey All, I am a new 2006 EX Element owner and I have a question/problem I need help with. Driving my E last night in mid 60's weather I turned on the Defroster as my windows were fogged up. I turned the temperature to the right to help it defrost. After the windows were clear, I turned the Defrost off because it was getting warm in the car. But the warm air kept coming out of the vents even in the OFF position. I tried everything but the warm air kept coming out. I tried to turn the temp to cool but it wouldnt work, still hot air. I tried turning on the A/C to cool and that didnt work, still hot air.
So I pulled over, stopped the car, went in to Walmart and got back in the car to start it up. And the cool air worked again. I was fine at that point. Until it happened again and I couldnt do anything about it. It seems as if every time I turn the defroster on it will lock my E in to warm/hot air for the rest of the trip. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Can anyone give me some help? I want to get help here before I bring it in to a shop and them looking at me like im crazy, atleast I would like to here im crazy from you all. Thanks
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