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a comfortable and fuel-efficient option to e-camping

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After camping in our E for five years, me and the Mrs are getting a bit older, and may be a bit slower, and decided we needed a bit more of the creature comforts. But we couldn't cope with the idea of typical RV mileage in the single digits.

So after a lot of looking, we found this VW van on steroids, recently imported from Wolfsburg. It has all the comforts, heater, stove, fridge, sink, bathroom, but it's only 18 ft long and so is easy to drive. Our test-camp found everything works, and with the 2.4 L diesel, we got about 24 mpg...about the same as I get from my E.

Sorry team, but camping won't be part of our E's duties any more.


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nice. looks like the same platform as my eurovan pop-up but bigger!
first I've ever seen one of those.

Very nice looking and a tad more spacious.


that rig looks awesome. is it brand new?? i'd camp in one of those w/o giving it a second thought!
Nice, and the MPG is incredible for a vehicle that size.

Personally, I prefer something smaller, that doesn't look like a camper, and can fit more easily into standard parking spots, etc. I would therefore prefer the T-5 VW, which is basically the latest incarnation of the old VW Westfalia camper. It's only sold in Europe, but maybe a few get privately shipped like yours may have.

Something even better would be a retro re-design of the old bus, like VW did with the bug/beetle 12 years ago. The T5 just looks too generic, and something closer to the original would be more appealing. This was done as a concept in 2000/2001, should've built it:

Another more fanciful but still arresting concept video of such a camper:

I really think something along these lines would sell really well, at least as well as the new bug, especially if it was combined with a hybrid engine that provided good fuel economy.

Clearly, many will still prefer the larger camper like you have, though. It looks very comfortable.
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