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A Practical console for the Element

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This console is at the perfect height for me. It has a few nice features.
1- it heats and cools food/beverage
2-perfect arm height armrest
3-handy storage pouch on rear
4-A place for nickel dimes quarters
5-cupholders (2 in front, 2 in back)
6-Matches interior
7-Is only $55

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I'ts made by Vector and is on sale at Target...U.S.A. It fits tightly between the seats with the armrest. I can still lower the seats and use the parking brake in a pinch as the cooler will move up. You can also position it farther back if you use the brake all the time, but since I never use it, the cooler is over the brake. It holds about 24 cans of "soda"
Since I have gotten numorous emails I will add to this thread...No, the MP3 player is not mounted permanent yet, and yes, you are correct in seeing the cooler is not plugged into the accessory jack.

Underneath the rear of the cooler in the stock console tray is a 3 way cigarrete lighter splitter/adapter. The cooler, MP3 player and 120 volt power inverter (under driver's seat) is plugged into the splitter . The spliter is wired directly into the fuse panel in an empty connection. All wires are hidden so you cannot see them. I can explain further if needed.
Hi Cameraman, The cooler does sit on top of it. You can however slide it further back so it is not over the brake at all. Even though I have it over the emergency brake, If I ever need to use it for parking/emergency, I can simply pull up on the brake and the cooler will move up effortlessly.
Cloak said:
Does it actually sit firmly on top of the stock console, or does it slide around when you drive

Yes, it sits firmly on top of the stock console. It will not move as it is wedged in between the seats. The driver armrest also adds a lot of stability, however, the cooler is not so tight as to prevent the seats from reclining. Everything works normal, except in the center console, you can reach in and pull out a cold one :)
Boneheadz said:
Any chance you could post instructions on wiring the outlet. Also, how do you plan to mount you mp3 player?

Dam, I thought as I was doing this.."I should take pics", then I thought...naw, no one would be interested. I will try to take a couple of pics and post to show the parts you can still see.
I was real impressed how the E comes apart. No screws.

The MP3 player I will probably fix below the shifter on some plexiglass mount and velcro. I will take pics.
Yes, it was on sale 2 weeks ago for $55 and at the cash register the lady said if you want to apply for a target visa we will give you another 10% off, so now I have a target visa lol.

I will post pics soon. I just am waiting to do another project at the same time so I don't have to take things apart twice to document.
Boneheadz said:
Any chance you could post instructions on wiring the outlet.

Sorry, the pics are a bit out of focus, but I did it all in the dark :)
The first pic is where I got the 12v from. Its the red wire which is fused with a 5A fuse just beyond where it runs behind the sub box

from there the single wire runs behind the sub box, under the flooring near passenger floormat, and hidden under this side trim. The trim is removed by gently pulling up on the outside edge the full length. Don't try to pull it straight out yet. At each end there is a forked style retainer. If you pull the whole side trim straight towards you, it will slide right out. All pictures have been taken after the fact, so I don't have pictures of this. Just be gentle and you won't break these orange clips.

After the wire gets to the passenger seat area, I brought the wire out under the seat and tie strapped it to the exisitng wires. Under this seat you will see a metal frame. This is where I picked up the ground. You can just see in the picture where I attached a loop connector and used an existing hole in the metal seat frame to fasten it to with a nut and bolt.

Then I simply brought the wire out next to the console and the 3 way lighterplug outlet sits in the little tray where I plug in the cooler, MP3 player and power inverter.

As you can see, the cooler/armrest totally hides everything.
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The MP3 player's bumpers are made out of the same feeling material as the dash. It really just snugly fits there. I have a right angle 6 inch audio cable attatched, so all you see is the Archos. I was going to mount it securely, but I feel no need for it now.
I thought the same thing too at first. After using these cupholders in the cooler for a month, I found quite the opposite. I have trouble prying the coke can out of the thing. You have to wiggle it out if you push it in too hard. The only cups that don't fit tight are real small ones. I think the cupholders work the same as the change holder on the front. Its tapered slightly and even though the holders are not deep, they grip like crazy.
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