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A quick photoshop..

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heres a quick photoshop of my E, does anyone else have one?
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I don't think you'll get them that low with the basics. Plus its a PIA driving around with it that low! Trust me. I got mine dumped with Tein Basics and it has maybe 4 threads left on the front and 6 threads on the back.
I've had them on for about 2 months now and no issues with the axles yet. I did have issues with the front compliance bushings when I installed the coilovers. They were worn out and the previous owner of my E was not too nice to the car itself. Costed me about $900 in upgrades (I did a powerslot rotor and Hawk pad upgrade, bushings, and alignment along with the coilovers).

Sorry to jack your thread. Just a note on dumping it this low. The nice thing is that I live in an area where there is not a lot of snow so I can cruise around the West Coast year round with my rims and stance.
You can go pretty low with the Tein coilovers. I actually wish that that front would go lower, I plan to take off one of the adjustment rings on the front tower to get another 1/2-3/4" lower. I had mine set all the way down in the front and 3 threads from the bottom in the rear and it's pretty low. My gas tank bar and exhaust can were 2" from the ground. It is a PIA for sure. No speed bumps almost no driveways there were even a couple uneven road surfaces were I scraped. I drove like this for the last 7 months. You just have to think ahead and don't go anywhere where you're not familiar with the roads/driveways. The "street view" on Google maps was a great tool.

I've had my Teins on since 2005 and I have a 4WD. No problems at all. I have only put about 20K on her since then too so take that into consideration. I have only raised it up for maybe 4 months of that time too. I'll put my stocks on whenever I'm going to need to carry some people, driving a long distance or doing some work on my 20's.

Damn that's low! I have the same control arms on my E!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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