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A quick photoshop..

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heres a quick photoshop of my E, does anyone else have one?
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I don't think you'll get them that low with the basics. Plus its a PIA driving around with it that low! Trust me. I got mine dumped with Tein Basics and it has maybe 4 threads left on the front and 6 threads on the back.
You can go pretty low with the Tein coilovers. I actually wish that that front would go lower, I plan to take off one of the adjustment rings on the front tower to get another 1/2-3/4" lower. I had mine set all the way down in the front and 3 threads from the bottom in the rear and it's pretty low. My gas tank bar and exhaust can were 2" from the ground. It is a PIA for sure. No speed bumps almost no driveways there were even a couple uneven road surfaces were I scraped. I drove like this for the last 7 months. You just have to think ahead and don't go anywhere where you're not familiar with the roads/driveways. The "street view" on Google maps was a great tool.

Chickenball I see that you have a 4wd & your say that your that low. Have you had any problems with the rear axles? How long have you had the Teins installed.
I've had my Teins on since 2005 and I have a 4WD. No problems at all. I have only put about 20K on her since then too so take that into consideration. I have only raised it up for maybe 4 months of that time too. I'll put my stocks on whenever I'm going to need to carry some people, driving a long distance or doing some work on my 20's.

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So even with the heavy duty spring upgrade, there's still some rub if you have passengers in the back?
Not with the camber set at -4. I clear the fender lip easily. I get a little rub on the inner fender liner but nothing to worry about. I swap wheels and raise it up mainly for ride comfort. Hitting a dip at 70 mph with two 200lb people in the back is just too much. I've done it and it's possible but I just don't want to push it. I've dipped so low I've scraped my rear splash guards on the ground.

Hit me up on the PM if you want some more info, I'm happy to help.

Sorry for the hijack fatfurious2. We'll take it to the PMs. Your car would look fresh if you slam it like the photoshopped pic. I really like that look that you, Yong and 12MPGLOL have going on. I seriously considered going that direction for a second look for my ride.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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