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Well, I guess it's up to me to be the rainmaker...

If you want to have the most appalling treatment of your life, visit Bell Honda, in Phoenix. Az.

When you pull in the lot, no shine-ola, there is a hut and gate that is representative of a Gestapo checkpoint. They assign you a place to park, and a salesman, all before you can get out of your car. Once inside, you see a pool of at least 20 salespeople, all waiting for their "up", and their personal, daily' horror stories drone in the background. Real professional..NOT! :roll:

I declaratively stated what I wanted, which was a 4wd with airbags, and some old duffer that was the "point guard" was on his way to ready a different color, w/o airbags, for the 'test drive'. I stated that I had already driven a unit, was shopping for the best price, and let's get down to business.

Then the daisy chain of bad sales techniques begain. I was passed through no less than four different people all trying their best shot. The first price I was given would have got me an H2 hummer, it was so rife with added on crap. By the time it was over, my friend who was with me considered it the most pathetic display of salesmanship ever witnessed. In addition, they denied that ANY dealer in the area had units with airbags..."OH, Nooooo...they aren't out yet, won;t be 'till Fall". I was composed, and rather than getting upset, I decided that since this wasn't going to go anywhere, I would just wait it out and be on my way.
Repeatedly they came at me, it was like the invasion of Normandy, wave after wave, they assualted.

The even more insipid thing was them barraging my business line for days after, with even two more new characters added to the cast that still insisted there were no Elements with airbags.

This is the quintessential dealership that does it ALL WRONG. Poor tactics, extreme pressure, talk rather than listen, denegrate.

Valley of the Sun residents would do well to cross these guys off your shopping list, unless you are masochistic.

If so, you'll feel right at home.
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